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Ivy, G.M. of Sunny Sports, Los Angeles, CA

Henry is doing such a great job for us and we would highly recommend his multi-faceted services to fit any of your specific needs. We rely heavily on his expertise with online marketing and on software development for our business. Henry basically launched our business and kept it a success for us. We will continue to work with Henry for many and more profitable years to come!

 -- Ivy, G.M. of Sunny Sports Inc., Los Angeles, CA


About Sunny Sports Inc.

Sunny Sports Inc has been in business since 2002. We are growing rapidly. We know that the most important thing to our customers is to meet and exceed their needs and expectations. For over 7 years, we have gained tremendous experience serving thousands of customers in high quality Scooters, Motorcycles, Go Karts and dirt bikes. Our knowledgeable staff is enthusiastic, helpful and courteous; we have a great attitude and want your business. We care about our customers and make ourselves easily accessible. Our toll-free number is 1-888-839-7088 . Your satisfaction is our #1 concern. Why get yourself all frustrated & try to get hold of a company never answers the calls? Pick up the phone dial our Toll Free 1-888-839-7088 . We guarantee you will find the best customer services here you deserve. We provide the low wholesale pricing on all of our vehicles to all of our customers. We served over thousands of customers nationwide over the past 7 years. We also give substantial multiple unit’s discounts to customers who make large volume vehicles purchases. We provide all of our customers with extremely competitive pricing for quantity purchases on all of our vehicles. All of our products are well protected and shipped in a metal frame. We PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) every item before it is packaged and shipped from our warehouse to make sure you will receive the best product possible.

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